Events & Exhibits at the National First Ladies' Library

This section is devoted to events, exhibits and the calendars available for these special occasions.  Take a moment to look at a slideshow highlighting events and exhibits that make the National First Ladies' Library a unique place to visit.


Monthly Calendar of Events


Event Highlights Slideshow - comprehensive 

Event Highlights Photo Albums - by event

Caring Hearts Exhibit 2009 Holiday Decorations 2008 Helen Taft Tea 2008
White House Weddings 2007 Vinnie Ream Program 2007 2008 - Ida Birthday Open House and Reception
Symposium 2008 Love is Eternal 2008 Momjian Dinner & Reception
Gift Shop Miniature Reproduction Gowns Holiday Decorations
2010 Dolley Madison Film Premiere 2010 White House Weddings 2010 Ida Saxton McKinley's Birthday Tea